Treat that Tooth Infection with a Root Canal

If you have allowed a cavity to remain untreated for much time, you may find yourself in the position of dealing with an infection. This can be quite painful in many cases, and it can also be frightening, as a tooth infection can threaten the loss of a damaged tooth. Fortunately, even an infection doesn’t have to mean the end of a tooth. Root canal therapy can often be used to effectively rid your mouth of the infection, potentially saving more than one tooth in the process, not to mention making you feel far more comfortable and confident, in the process. So even if the idea of a root canal sounds scary, take a deep breath, and know that it could actually help you feel much better, all while making sure your smile looks its best for years to come!

How Can a Root Canal Help?

Contrary to common misconceptions, a root canal should not be a painful procedure. In fact, it is actually designed to help restore a tooth’s health, and to save the tooth, rather than necessitating an extraction.

Sedation can be used to help keep a patient comfortable during the procedure, and afterwards, the patient should feel much more comfortable, as all portions of the tooth that were infected will be removed, and the area sanitized.

This includes any tissues, or pulp, that may have been damaged, and were therefore causing pain.

Ways to Restore the Smile After a Root Canal

Just as a filling can be used to help protect a tooth after a cavity, a dental crown can help create a tight seal around a tooth after root canal or other restorative treatment. Crowns provide even more protection than fillings, and they’re often more durable, as well, making them an ideal treatment when a tooth has been extremely damaged or is at risk of further wear.

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