Smile Confidently Again with Modern Prosthetic Dentistry: Part Two

Still unsure which dental prosthetic is right for you? It can be difficult to determine a course of treatment, particularly if you are unclear about what unique benefits each prosthetic option offers. Dental implants are the most stable prosthetic option available, but they’re not right for everyone. Bridges are more secure than dentures, but some patients prefer alternatives. Learning more about both bridges and dental implants can certainly help you in determining what course of treatment is best for your smile needs. Just keep in mind that a consultation with your prosthetic dentist is the absolute best way to choose a form of smile completion, based on your unique needs, budget, oral health, and other factors!

Bridges and Implants Offer Added Benefits

Dental bridges utilize crowns to help hold a replacement tooth in place, more securely than unsecured dentures. These crowns are generally affixed to teeth adjacent to the gap, but they can also be created using full crowns to anchor the bridge, through the use of dental implants. Bridges take more time to complete, than dentures, but less time than dental implants. They are generally slightly less expensive, initially, but may cost more over time than dental implants.

Implants are considered the most stable form of tooth replacement, which explains why they’re most often the recommended form of treatment. That said, implants do take much longer to complete, because after a titanium post is surgically inserted into the jaw, osseointegration must take place. This is the process, in which the gum tissue grows around the post, helping to secure it, and also restoring the function of the tooth and its mimicked root (one of the functions of the post).

The post helps supply continued nutrients into the jaw, which allows an implant to help preserve your facial structure. This can make implants the best and actually most affordable option, long-term, since it’s less likely you’ll need to replace your fake teeth when your jaw structure remains intact.

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