Sealants aren't just for kids!  They can benefit us adults too!
Sealants are tooth colored, liquid resin that fills the grooves if your back teeth. They benefit us by blocking bacteria from getting into the grooves and causing cavities.
Just like sealants protect kids from getting cavities, they protect us too. Our ph levels are always changing in our mouths. Even though we don't eat as much candy as kids do, our ph levels are altered by things like reflux, coffee, even pasta! But, one of the biggest causes of cavities, in adults, is medications. When ever your mouth dries out, you don't have enough saliva in our mouth to wash away bacteria. If that bacteria gets down in those grooves, Even the smallest toothbrush bristles can't reach down them. So, putting sealants in those healthy teeth now is a great way to protect them.
We are a preventative orientated practice and we are so excited to provide a cost effective service that protects your teeth from getting cavities and additional restorative needs.