Prevent Dental Problems with These Three Simple Tips: Part Two

No one wants to find himself struggling with a dental issue, like a cavity or gum disease. Yet many people struggle with maintaining their great oral health, perhaps due to a lack of proper information, or possibly because of a failure to maintain regular dental hygiene and routine dental visits. Over the summer, in particular, people can sometimes be lax in their oral care, leading to an increased risk of dental problems. Fortunately, it is possible to protect your smile, this summer. You just need to heed your dentist’s advice, about how to properly care for one’s teeth and gums!

2. Your Diet Plays a Role In Your Oral Health As Well

It’s important to remember that what you eat will affect your oral health, as well. No amount of dental hygiene can make up for a diet that is either lacking in nutrients to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, or loaded with sugar, which can lead to a host of dental problems.

So, while it is especially tempting during the summer to reach for sugary, frozen treats to help beat the heat, be careful not to consume too much sugar. Sweets should be occasional treats, not a large part of your diet!

  • Keep in mind that foods like cookies and cupcakes aren’t the only items often laden with added sugar. Many beverages are also highly sweetened, and since people tend to take longer to enjoy their drinks than their meals, prolonged exposure to both the sugars and acids in popular drinks like sodas, sweetened teas and even many juices, can be particularly problematic for your teeth and gums.
  • Skip the soda, and stick to water, instead. Drinking plenty of water can actually be beneficial to your oral health, as well, because it helps you produce saliva which naturally fights plaque buildup.

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