Lost a Tooth? Prosthetic Dentistry Can Help!

Did you recently lose a tooth, either due to an infection, trauma, or even gum disease? While losing a tooth as a child can be an exciting rite of passage, losing one as an adult can cause a host of negative feelings, from embarrassment to frustration and even fear. One of people’s most common concerns after adult tooth loss is whether or not they will ever be able to smile confidently again, much less enjoy their meals without discomfort. Fortunately there are a number of ways to help cope with tooth loss, including dental prostheses such as dental bridges and dental implants.

Dentures Aren’t Your Only Option for Smile Completion

While dentures remain a popular way to cope with tooth loss, they are no longer the only way to address an incomplete smile. In fact, there are several other options that provide more stability. Dental bridges are one option, they utilize dental crowns to hold a pontic, or fake tooth, in place. Bridges allow patients to chew more confidently than those with unsupported dentures.

Added Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants, though, provide the most stability currently available amongst dental prostheses. That is because implants use titanium posts surgically inserted into the jaw, to hold a fake tooth or teeth in place. These posts are designed to last a lifetime, and create added security while chewing, smiling and more.

Determining which prostheses is right for you, is best done by first determining your goals for your smile, your budget, your current oral health, and how long you can commit to treatment. For some patients, dentures are the best option, but many will prefer the stability that can be provided by either dental bridges or dental implants.

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