Lighten Up with Professional Teeth Bleaching

Young man with a bright smileWhen you look at old photographs of yourself what stands out to you most? Is it the unfortunate haircut you had during grade school, or perhaps the trendy but terrible clothes you rocked in high school? For many people it is actually how beautiful and bright their smiles once were. Though you can’t turn back the clock and undo your fashion faux pas, your cosmetic dentist can help erase the years’ effects on your smile. By breaking up and removing stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth, professional teeth bleaching can you leave you feeling and looking younger, which is priceless!

When Is Professional Treatment the Answer?

You have likely noticed the myriad of products available over-the-counter for addressing teeth stains. From chewing gum to toothpastes, there are a variety of dental products that promise to lighten teeth. Unfortunately many of these products spend very little time in contact with your teeth, leading to minimal results that often leave consumers disappointed. If you want dramatic results, fast, it is often best to seek professional whitening treatment through a cosmetic dentist.

What Makes Professional Treatment Unique?

Professional whitening treatment can often lighten teeth by more than eight shades, quickly and safely. That is because it uses prescription-grade whitening products designed to consistently create noticeable results, while also protecting your sensitive gum tissue.

Another benefit of seeking whitening treatment through a cosmetic dentist, is that he or she can also help address any other esthetic concerns you might have, such as disproportionately small teeth or even minor gaps between them. Cosmetic treatments like bonding or veneers can help address these and other imperfections, so that you are left with a smile you’ll enjoy showing off, now, and looking back on, in photos.

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