LASERS in Dentistry

Smiles to all!

I want to showcase the most delicate instrument we are using in our office today. The LASER!

The laser is a gift for health and wellness. We are so excited that we have this technology to offer to our patients!

Gingivitis and periodontal disease is a septic, systemic wound. The core of the problem is the bacterial biofilm. Bacterial biofilm is like slime and moss on a rock except it’s on our tooth and root surfaces! We have learned that this same bacteria can imbed itself deep in our tissues. A laser can heal those wounds.

With the use of a laser we are now able to disinfect to a level we were unable to do in the past. This procedure is done with comfort and ease in a short period of time. If you have been informed that you have an active gum infection we have the technology to benefit you and your health!

Please take a moment to see our fantastic, animated laser video prominently featured on our website.