Keep Your Smile Looking Great with Preventive Dentistry

Did you commit to taking better care of your smile this year? If so, how is your resolution going? Are you sticking to a great dental hygiene routine, or has your routine already started slacking as the weeks have rolled by? Preventive dentistry, including at-home hygiene and regular dental checkups with a general dentist, is the very best way to keep your smile healthy for the long haul. So if you enjoy having a healthy and beautiful smile, now, it is important to do all you can to maintain it so you can continue to show it off for many years to come!

What Should Your Hygiene Routine Really Include?

Twice daily brushing has long been considered the norm, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea to brush more than twice. Many dentists actually recommend brushing teeth a third time each day, preferably after lunch. This can help remove bacteria and food particles from your mouth, not to mention improve your breath before you head into those afternoon meetings or after-work gatherings.

Flossing is also essential, as it is meant to remove plaque bacteria that brushing leaves behind. Overlooking flossing can lead to far more bacteria buildup, which is bad news for both your teeth and your gums. So this year, commit to flossing once a day. It only takes a few minutes, and with a little practice it will become almost second nature.

You already know you should be drinking lots of water throughout the day. But do you realize that water is essential for a healthy smile, as well as a healthy body? Water helps keep your teeth free from food particles, which can lead to staining, and helps you produce saliva, a natural plaque-fighter.

Finally, regular preventive checkups should not be considered optional. Even if your teeth and gums appear to be in good health, that doesn’t mean it is safe to skip out on checkups. Regular cleanings are essential to maintaining great oral health, because they give the dentist an opportunity to check for any burgeoning issues you may not have noticed yet, and to address them through restorative treatment as needed. It is also an opportunity for the dentist to remove any tartar buildup on the teeth, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. Tartar can only be removed through a professional cleaning, once it has calcified.

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