Is Your Smile In Need of Restorative Dentistry?

Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?Are you worried that you may have developed a cavity? Or, have you suffered a trauma to your smile that caused a noticeable chip or crack? Sometimes after an accident intrinsic damage has ben done that cannot easily be seen, but which can jeopardize the health of a tooth. These are just a few of the reasons you might require restorative dentistry. Treated promptly, many dental issues such as cavities, and minor damage, can often be restored through minimally invasive measures like a dental filling or a crown. The longer a problem goes untreated, however, the more likely more extreme treatment will become necessary. So to protect your smile, visit your dentist quickly if you suspect there is a problem.

Don’t Ignore Dental Symptoms

One of the best things you can do for your smile is to simply pay attention to changes in it. Even relatively minor changes can often be indicators of dental problems such as cavities, and even infections. While some staining is natural over time, in many cases yellow plaque buildup is an early warning sign of a potential cavity developing, for instance. Grey and black lines, especially along the crevices of teeth, often indicate dental decay as well.

Discomfort is generally a warning sign of some kind of dental problem, whether due to a simple cavity or infection, it is important to schedule an appointment when you first experience the discomfort, so as to avoid the need for extensive treatment such as root canal therapy.

The longer you delay a dental visit, the more likely the problem is to worsen, requiring more extensive measures be taken to save a damaged tooth (whenever possible), to prevent the need for an extraction, and to restore the overall oral health.