Is Your Smile In Need of Restorative Dentistry? Part Two

Once your dentist has determined that you need restorative dental treatment, it is time to determine the best way to help restore the oral health and protect any fragile teeth. While fillings are incredibly common, due to how many people struggle with dental cavities, they are harldy the only way to restore a smile. Dental crowns are another popular option for restorative treatment, one that can actually be used in a variety of circumstances to help save damaged teeth and improve a patient’s comfort and confidence. If you are diagnosed with a dental issue, consider the many ways your restorative dentist could help.

When Are Dental Crowns the Right Answer?

Many people think that dental crowns are only necessary when teeth are visibly damaged, such as when a tooth has become chipped or cracked during a sports injury, a car wreck, or some other form of trauma.

However, dental crowns are actually more versatile than many people realize. In fact, these are just a few of the ways a restorative dentist could use a dental crown to help restore a person’s smile.

  • Crowns can prevent chips or cracks from becoming worse, as a person chews
  • After a deep cavity, a crown provides protection against further erosion or even infection
  • Following root canal treatment, a dental crown can be used to create a tight seal against reinfection
  • If a patient has lost a tooth, a dental crown can be used as part of a dental bridge or dental implant, to help provide a stable form of smile completion

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