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I will admit that I am an avid Yelper! I use Yelp for everything!  I use it mostly for researching restaurants, however, it is handy to utilize it for other services as well.  Not only do I love to research and read reviews but it should come to no surprise to most of you that I love to write reviews too! 
I swear I should have been a food critic!  (LOL!)

If you are not a “Yelper” it is so easy to sign up to become one. 
Just go to yelp.com and follow the easy instructions and you can “Yelp” away!!! 
Believe me when I say that “Yelping” is a handy, user friendly tool!
We love reading each and every comment that is composed and posted by our amazing patients! 
We would love hearing from you on Yelp!
After you have signed up, enter under Find: Stephens and Gatewood and Associates
Then enter the City: Spring 
Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon and Yelp your personal review to post.

Another way you can honor us is to compose a Google review. 
This, too, is very easy.
Simply download a Google Maps Application. 
Then click the Google Maps Application.
Search: Stephens and Gatewood and Associates.  Scroll down to rate and review. 
Pick our star ranking and type in your review of your experience at our office.

In our office we love any kind of feedback.  Of course, we love the positive, heartwarming posts but we always learn from critical feedback as well.  We are constantly striving to provide superior care to all of those who walk through our doors at Stephens and Gatewood & Associates Dentistry.

Here is a sample of what our patients are saying about us….

Yelp Reviews:
6/29/2014 Francine A., Houston, TX
Comment: Love getting my teeth cleaned by Val.  She does an excellent cleaning and my teeth always feel great.  I think this dentist office is fantastic and all the staff are wonderful.
I highly recommend this office which I have been going to for over 20 years.  Wow.

6/18/2014 Gayle M., Houston, TX
Comment: Stephens & Gatewood is by far the HAPPIEST, most professional, caring and organized dental office we have ever had thepleasure of caring for our dental needs.  Throw away any dental fears your may have had in the past!  They just have a way about how they do some of their procedures that make having dental procedures easier, even fun.  The entire staff seems to love working there!  They have all said how much the love the Doctor's they work for and it shows in the way they treat their patients.  The office uses state of the art technology.  I was totally amazed we could have a crown completed in one day!  They create then in-house.  Pick up the phone and give them a call.  Check our their website. (localhost/wordpress4) They often have promotions that help your budgetary needs as well. Dr. Gatewood and his staff truly care about their patients and stand behind their work and if you listen your may even catch Dr. Gatewood humming a tune while he's providing you care.

Google Reviews:
Rating: 5.0
Skylar Jones
Comment: Omg, first off I would like to address the staff.  From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with a smile and your automatically feel at ease.  The ambiance of the entire office is nothing like you usual dentist office, from the painting, to the dim lighting and even the gorgeous mini aquarium, you feel as though you have just walked into a spa.  But it doesn't stop there, there is a mini bar with an assortment of beverages and snacks.  Yes, we are still talking about a dentists office!  That's just the beginning.  Once you are called back to your personal room, you have your own personal television with cable tv.  There are microfiber blankets and headphones to comfort you through the entire experience.  I would love to tell you guys more but you have to go and experience this for yourselves!  Dr. Pagano was so gentle and amazing, he made me laugh the whole time!

Rating: 5.0
Christine K.
Comment: Dr Pagano and Dr Gatewood are great!  I am one of the biggest babies when it comes to dental work and when i needed a root canal done they made me feel so comfortable.  I felt literally no pain at all, i even took a nap during the procedure, thats how relaxed i was!  I love all the staff, awesome customer service!  They explain everything to you in ways you can understand.  They did what they could to keep my services low cost as possible and off you many different options to choose from.  I havent met anyone there who was a grinch. I can honestly say i will never go to anotehr dentist =))

I could go on and on and on with all of the wonderful, genuine, edifying reviews and posts.

Skylar Jones said it best…….
“I would love to tell you guys more but you have to go and experience this for yourselves.”

Come experience Dentistry with a Difference at Stephens and Gatewood and Associates!

Smile to All!