Freshen Up Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Freshen Up with Cosmetic DentistryHave you started to feel insecure, because of noticeable imperfections with your teeth? Do you look at old photographs and long for the bright smile you once had, or the smooth edges before years of wear wore them jagged? Are you getting tired of trying to hide your smile, when out with friends, because you don’t want them to fixate on small gaps between your teeth or a misshapen tooth? If so, isn’t it time that you stop wishing for a different smile, and instead talk to your cosmetic dentist about how he or she could help you achieve your dream smile, with a customized smile makeover?

Many Enhancements Can Be Completed with Cosmetic Treatment

Some people postpone seeking cosmetic treatment, because they are unsure how many esthetic concerns cosmetic dentistry can actually address. Fortunately, you might be pleasantly surprised how comprehensively a dentist can help improve the appearance of your smile with just a single treatment, or with a few combined as part of a customized smile makeover.

For instance:

  • Bleaching – can be used to dramatically lighten teeth, often between eight and ten shades in less than a few weeks’ time
  • Bonding – is a fast and affordable way to help improve the size, shape and symmetry of teeth, as it allows the dentist to sculpt composite resin onto the teeth to hide inconsistencies in the size or shape of the teeth, and even minor gaps between the teeth
  • Veneers – achieve similar enhancements to bonding, but with even longer-lasting results, because of porcelain’s strength and natural stain-resistance, which allows many patients to enjoy their veneers for many years with proper preventive care!
  • Contouring – in the case of teeth that are disproportionately large, contouring is a fast way for the dentist to help sculpt them to look more even and symmetrical
  • Gum contouring – when excessive gum tissue is the cause for cosmetic concern, a gum lift can be a great solution; it involves removing excessive tissue and creating a more pleasing-looking gumline
  • Invisalign – if you are hoping to improve your teeth’s alignment, consider the benefits of choosing clear braces like Invisalign treatment