Does Your Smile Need a Dental Crown?

Blond woman smilingDid you recently get diagnosed with a cavity, or do you have a root canal scheduled soon? Are you worried because you suffered a trauma to the mouth, and now one of your teeth is chipped or cracked? Did you know that a dental crown could be the answer to all those problems? Of course, if you have a failing restoration, like an outdated crown or a chipped filling, you might also benefit from a modern dental crown. There are actually a number of reasons a dentist might recommend a dental crown as restorative treatment. Fortunately, modern dental crowns come in a variety of materials which can help address both functional and esthetic issues, so there is a crown to fit almost every smile’s needs.

What Kind of Crown Is Right for You?

While gold alloy crowns are still used, particularly for teeth located in the back of the mouth where they are less visible, they are no longer the only or even the most popular form of restoration.

One of the most popular forms of dental crowns, currently, is porcelain! That’s because porcelain crowns are both beautiful and natural-looking, but they are also durable and stain-resistant. In fact, many people don’t realize that porcelain is very similar to natural teeth enamel. This makes a porcelain crown one of the most seamless forms of smile restoration, and also one of the easiest to care for, since a porcelain crown can be brushed just like the rest of a person’s teeth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are also popular, as they combine gold’s strength with porcelain’s esthetic benefits. Finally, there is zirconia, another popular material for creating dental crowns. It’s even stronger than porcelain, and therefore may prove even longer lasting with proper dental hygiene and care.