Do Your Kids Need to Visit the Dentist?

Should Kids Visit the Dentist?Now that your kids are back in school, your days are likely filled with a somewhat chaotic mix of making breakfasts, daily drop offs, helping with homework, and of course, your own busy work schedule. There is a compelling reason to make sure you add at least one more activity to your quickly-filling-up family calendar, though, and that is a visit to the family dentist. Routine checkups and cleanings are essential to keeping smiles healthy. This goes for both children and adults, alike. So if it has already been more than six months since your kids last visited the dentist, the start of a new school year can serve as a great reminder to make sure they attend those cleanings, as well as their classes. Their smiles will look and feel better because of it, and you can help save time and money on restorative dental procedures, by simply helping to keep their smiles healthy!

When should a child visit the dentist for the first time?

Most pediatricians and dentists recommend that a baby visit the dentist, for the first time, by his or her first birthday. From that point on, regular checkups will be imperative to protecting against common dental issues, including baby bottle tooth decay, which affects a surprising number of babies in America, and cavities, which are common in school-aged children.

How often do young kids need to go for checkups?

While most people consider twice annual checkups sufficient oral care, some patients may actually need more frequent cleanings, in order to effectively avoid cavities and other oral health threats. Some children are particularly at risk of developing cavities, either due to their diets (high sugar diets can lead to frequent cavities), genetic or other underlying health factors.

To ensure your kids are getting adequate dental care, ask their dentist how frequently they need to have their teeth cleaned. Together, you and the dentist can help devise an effective, and customized care routine to keep your kids smiling healthily.