Do You Need Restorative Dental Work? Part Two

Now that you know you need restorative dental treatment, are you curious or concerned what that will entail? If it has been years since you last needed restorative dentistry, it is natural to feel a bit nervous about what treatment will do to your smile’s appearance. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry focuses on using the least invasive procedures possible to protect fragile teeth, and to essentially save a smile, so a patient can feel his or her best, after address dental problems.

Could a Crown Be Right for Your Smile?

While fillings are the most common form of restoration, crowns may be the most versatile. For many of the more extensive issues, such as an infection, a chip or crack, a dental crown is often recommended.

Crowns come in a variety of materials, each suited to address a different circumstance. For instance, damaged front teeth are highly visible, often creating esthetic complaints as well as functionality issues. For these teeth the dentist may recommend a natural-looking porcelain dental crown, which can be carefully crafted to blend nearly seamlessly with the natural smile. For back teeth, that receive a great deal of wear, a metal crown may be recommended, as these can withstand even more pressure than the porcelain variety.

Talking to your dentist about your concerns, is essential to helping settle on a treatment that will address both your comfort and your confidence. After all, most patients want to feel great about their smiles, just as much as they want their teeth and gums to be healthy.

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