Do I Need Restorative Dental Treatment? Part Two

When you experience dental pain, it is often an indicator that you have a dental problem that needs addressing. Your teeth are incredibly strong, but since they cannot repair themselves in the same way other parts of the body can, restorative dentistry is often needed to protect a fragile or damaged tooth. Unfortunately the longer you postpone treatment the more likely your condition is to worsen, eventually leading to the need for either extensive treatment or possibly an extraction. So, at the first sign of trouble it is best to schedule a dental checkup! But if it’s already too late to catch a problem at its beginning, there are still ways your restorative dentist may be able to help save your tooth and preserve your smile!

What If My Tooth Is Infected?

If a dental cavity has progressed to the point of infection, root canal treatment is the most common course of action. A root canal can often remove the infection and save the tooth. First a dentist will do a thorough examination, and he or she will then recommend restorative treatment. If you do need a root canal, sedation can be used to keep you comfortable before and during the procedure.
Then, following a root canal, a tooth will generally be protected by using a dental crown, which can be made to closely match existing teeth. After all, people should be staring at your smile, not your dental work!

What Else Can a Crown Do?

Crowns are also frequently used to address other dental problems, such as chips or cracks which can be caused by dental decay, excessive wear, or trauma to a tooth. While a crack might seem like a cosmetic issue, it can worsen over time, if left untreated. That is why dentists frequently recommend protecting a fragile or damaged tooth with a dental crown, which can then bear the brunt of a person’s chewing, preventing the chip or other problem from growing, and threatening loss of the tooth.
Many people don’t realize crowns can also be used as part of a prosthetic, either as a dental bridge or as part of a dental implant. Because porcelain crowns are so natural-looking, and easy to care for, many patients prefer them to other forms of prosthetics, such as dentures.

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