Could Your Smile Use a Makeover? Part Two

You probably already realize that there are many ways a cosmetic dentist can help improve your smile, erasing imperfections and bringing out your smile’s natural beauty so you can smile, talk and even laugh more confidently. But have you heard of customized smile makeovers? They are a wonderful way to truly enhance your smile, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind, natural-looking and dazzling smile. To have a smile makeover completed, you first need to speak with your dentist about your esthetic concerns, and then discuss your treatment options, keeping in mind that being open to the idea of combining treatments is often the best way to drastically improve your smile!

More Ways to Address Esthetic Concerns

Veneers – like cosmetic bonding and contouring, veneers can be used to address a number of issues related to the symmetry of the teeth, including disproportionally sized or shaped teeth, and even spaces between them. However, because veneers are crafted from durable dental porcelain, they can provide even longer-lasting, and more stain-resistant results. In fact, porcelain ages much like natural teeth’s enamel, and can therefore be cared for the same way you do your existing teeth.

Combining Options – if you have several esthetic concerns, you may find that the best way to address them is actually to combine cosmetic treatments. In fact, often this is the most efficient and affordable way to achieve a great smile.

For instance, there is no need to purchase veneers for all the teeth if only a few are misshapen and the rest are discolored. You could, instead, have a few veneers affixed to the troublesome teeth, after first having the rest of your smile whitened!