Complete Your Smile with Prosthetic Dentistry

Did you recently lose a tooth due to dental decay or even gum disease? Do you have an extraction scheduled, and are wondering how your smile will look and feel afterwards? Whatever the cause of your incomplete smile, it is possible to bounce back from tooth loss. Dental prosthetics provide a number of ways to help cope with the loss of a single tooth or several, and to complete the smile both functionally and cosmetically. So whether you have recently suffered tooth loss, have a scheduled extraction, or are simply tired of an outdated dental prosthesis, there are several options for improving the beauty of your smile, and just as importantly your comfort and confidence while chewing and speaking.

What Are the Options for Smile Completion?

Dentures have long been a popular form of prosthesis, because dentures can be made to replace a single tooth or several, or even an entire arch of teeth quickly and affordably. Partial and full dentures, though considered unsupported, can be temporarily adhered using denture adhesives, for added security while chewing.

For patients wanting a more steady solution, dental bridges utilize the beauty of porcelain crowns to help stabilize a replacement tooth. By affixing crowns to the two teeth closest to the gap created by the tooth loss, a bridge does exactly as its name implies, and holds a replacement tooth in place between the spaces.

Patients wanting the most secure form of prosthetic, though, may want to choose dental implants, which are the most permanent way to address adult tooth loss. Implants rely on surgically inserted posts to hold replacement teeth firmly in place, allowing patients to chew as they did before the tooth loss.

Which option is best for you can best be determined by consulting with a prosthetic dentist about these choices, as well as your goals for treatment, your budget and your current state of oral health.

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