Can You Smile More Proudly with a Porcelain Crown?

Woman at the dentist comparing porcelain crownsWere you recently involved in an accident that left one or several of your teeth visibly damaged? Chips and cracks might seem like purely cosmetic concerns. However, over time even minor chips and cracks can lead to more extensive damage of the teeth. They can also be indication that intrinsic damage might have been done to the tooth, as well. To prevent the need for extensive restorative measures, it is best to schedule a dental appointment at the first sign of trouble. Chips and cracks are common indications restoration is needed, but if you have suffered any injury to your mouth, it is also wise to seek restorative treatment.

How Can a Crown Help Restore Your Smile?

In many cases, when a tooth has become damaged due to dental trauma, a dental crown will be recommended. That is because crowns can be used to help prevent worsening damage to the teeth, while often creating a seamless restoration that allows the patient to feel confident when both smiling and chewing.

Keep in mind, that teeth are not able to repair themselves the way the skin can, for instance. So when damage is done, the tooth will not heal itself over time. Instead, most dental issues including chips and cracks, but also cavities, will only worsen as a person chews on a daily basis. To prevent this, a crown or other restorative treatment is used, helping to prevent the need for more extensive restoration, like root canal therapy, or even an extraction in extreme cases.

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