What’s the Big Deal About Drinking Water?

Young woman drinking waterDo you ever wonder what all the fuss about drinking water is really about? Both doctors and dentists regularly tell their patients that they should be drinking ample amounts of water each day, but why? Is it really that important? In a word, yes. Water is essential to helping your entire body to function healthily. Adequate hydration helps keep your organs in great shape, including your brain, but it is also crucial to keeping your smile healthy! So if you care about the health and beauty of your smile, not to mention your brain, consider the many compelling reasons to drink more water, and better yet, start filling your glass with nourishing H20.

The Ways Water Helps Protect Your Smile’s Health!

Water helps you produce saliva, which many people don’t realize is actually a natural defense against plaque buildup. Saliva helps limit plaque bacteria’s ability to stick to the surface of teeth, where it can lead to the kind of acidic erosion responsible for creating cavities, but that also contributes to the development of gum disease. Frequent water breaks, then, can help limit the likelihood that you’ll develop cavities. (Routine checkups and cleanings are also critical preventive care, but drinking water is equally important.)

Drinking water also helps gently clean the surface of your teeth and tongue between brushings, which is why dentists recommend patients follow any sugary treats up with a glass of water. From soda to fruit juice, chocolate to cupcakes, if you do indulge in sugary treats (which bacteria feed on), following with a glass of water is a good idea.

Of course, brushing your teeth is also important to preventing dental issues like cavities. So don’t neglect your hygiene routine, even if you are drinking lots of water!

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