Prevent Dental Problems with These Three Simple Tips: Part One

Summer is a great chance to take some time off from the daily grind, and to relax with friends and family around the pool or a campfire. Unfortunately, a more laidback summer schedule is sometimes seen as an excuse to skip out on key dental care as well. This might not lead to immediate problems, but lax dental hygiene or a poor diet can certainly lead to dental issues, over time. So before you decide it’s okay to head to bed without brushing your teeth, or indulge in that second scoop of ice cream, consider these key tips from your preventive dentist!

1. Dental Hygiene Should Be Consistent and Thorough

Even if you are taking a break from your job or your typical routine, don’t skip out on your dental hygiene routine! Regular tooth brushing and flossing are essential to helping to keep dental problems at bay.

Brushing alone is important but not enough to prevent plaque buildup. Flossing helps reduce your chance of developing both cavities and gum disease, so make sure you to do both, each and everyday, even while on vacation from the rest of your typical daily routine.

While most people think they should brush their teeth only twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, brushing a third time, such as after lunch, can actually benefit your oral health as well. So if you have an opportunity, brush your teeth in the afternoon, as well as morning and night. If you can’t brush after lunch, consider chewing a sugar-free gum, and drinking a glass of water, both of which can help to gently remove food particles from the surface of your teeth, until you can brush them again.

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