Could Cosmetic Dentistry Cure What’s Wrong with Your Smile?

It is crystal clear that you have grown unhappy with your smile. You can tell it by the way you try to hide your smile when out to dinner with friends, and how quickly you shy away from a request for a “selfie” with you. What may be less clear, though, is what can be done to address the sources of your insecurity, whether that includes staining, spacing problems or other common imperfections. Even though you might realize cosmetic dentistry could likely help address some of your concerns with your smile, you might be unsure about how affordable, effective or comprehensive the treatment options actually are. If you know you want a better-looking smile, it’s time to stop hiding, or feeling confused by cosmetic dentistry, and instead to get clarification how a cosmetic dentist could help give you a smile that you could actually feel proud to show off!

Could a Solution Be as Simple as Whitening Treatment?

Staining, size and spacing issues are among the most common cause for concern. Discoloration, in particular, occurs with most dental patients. To address basic staining, most dentists recommend professional whitening treatment, sometimes called teeth bleaching, which can be both fast and affordable.

Other Options for Smile Enhancement

If the issues with your teeth are more complex, there are other ways to address the imperfections. For space, sizing and shape issues, most dentists offer both cosmetic bonding and contouring, and porcelain veneers. Each of these treatments can be used to help improve the symmetry and uniformity of one’s smile, while still creating natural-looking results. To determine which would be best for your smile’s needs, talk to your dentist about your budget and your goals for smile enhancement.

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