Shine on Your Wedding Day with Cosmetic Dentistry

Most brides-to-be take extreme pride in planning every last detail of their dream weddings, from table linens to bridesmaids’ dresses, cake flavors to whether or not to play the notorious “Chicken Dance.” Yet in their hurry to plan such a special day, some forget to care for one of the most important aspects of their bridal look, their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to address a variety of imperfections, often very quickly and affordably, too. So if you want to make sure you feel and look your best, on your big day, consider how a cosmetic dentist might be able to help make your smile really shine!

Bonding and Veneers Can Create Beautiful, Natural-looking Results

If you have long felt insecure because of imperfections in your smile, don’t wait until after you say “I do,” to finally do something about it. Instead, talk to your dentist about how a cosmetic procedure could help hide those flaws and leave your smile looking better just in time for your big day.

If the issues causing you concern are more significant than staining, bonding or porcelain veneers could be potential solutions. Both of these treatments can help to correct teeth that look disproportionately sized or shaped. They can also hide permanent or intrinsic staining, and even hide minor gaps between teeth.

Which is best for addressing your concerns depends on your budget, the timeframe you have to complete treatment, and your long-term goals for your smile, as well. In many cases, cosmetic bonding is the most affordable and fastest solution. That said, the material used to create these enhancements is not as stain resistant as the porcelain used to craft veneers.

So if you are looking for long-lasting results, that are stain-resistant and extremely strong, you may prefer the added benefits of choosing porcelain veneers.

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