Cope with Tooth Loss Through a Dental Bridge or Implant: Part One

Did you recently lose a tooth, or even several? As a child, losing a tooth can feel like an exciting rite of passage. Unfortunately, as an adult the feelings surrounding tooth loss are almost always negative. From embarrassment to anger, if you are tired of struggling with your tooth loss, it is time to talk with a restorative dentist about the beautiful and functional ways you can complete your smile! There are actually a number of prosthetic options for helping to complete your smile, both functionally and esthetically.

Why Completing a Smile Is Always Important?

While completing a smile after the loss of a tooth might, at first, seem like a cosmetic endeavor, completing your smile can have important functional benefits as well. That is because in the case of tooth loss, it often becomes more difficult to chew effectively. This can lead to a struggle to obtain proper nutrition, particularly if several teeth are missing.

Over time, the effects can be even more negative and far-reaching. That’s because remaining teeth will often try to shift to fill the created gap, causing potential alignment problems for your entire smile. A prosthetic can help prevent this from happening, helping to preserve your remaining teeth’s alignment.

Keep in mind that if gum disease or another oral health threat was the cause of your tooth loss, it is also important to seek restorative treatment to prevent the loss of additional teeth or the need for extractions. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Fortunately, the symptoms of gum disease can often be reversed through extensive cleaning like periodontal therapy.

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