3 Reasons You Might Need Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth typically isn’t a desired result of dental treatment. After all, the goal is supposed to be to preserve your natural smile as much as possible. However, sometimes, extracting a tooth is the only option to maintain your good dental health. As a last resort, removing a tooth is usually only recommended when restoring it is impossible, and the reasons you might need tooth extraction can stem from accidental damage or rampant dental disease.

Severe Tooth Crack, Fracture, or Break

A tooth can crack, fracture, or break when it’s exposed to too much pressure, or to a sudden, traumatic impact. When it happens, treatment is time sensitive, and depends on the severity of the injury. Mild to moderate tooth fractures can be fixed with a custom dental crown, but if the damage worsens, or if the tooth’s root is cracked, then saving it might not be an option. Extracting severely damaged teeth may be necessary to prevent collateral damage to the tissues and bone around it.

Extreme Tooth Decay

A cavity, or a hole in your tooth caused by tooth decay, can be restored with a dental filling if detected and treated early. If ignored, however, the infection can spread from your tooth’s structure to the nerves and blood vessels at its center (pulp). The pulp is connected to the tooth’s roots, and as decay progresses, it may spread through the roots’ canals and into the surrounding gums and jawbone. If tooth decay has advanced beyond the help of root canal therapy, then extracting the tooth may be the only way to prevent the spread of infection.

Advanced Gum Disease

Though not as common as cavities, gum disease remains the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. Like tooth decay, gum disease is an infection that stems from excessive bacteria and plaque buildup. If the germs infect your gum tissues, they’ll cause swelling, bleeding, and separation between your gums and teeth, where more bacteria can gather. By the time many patients seek treatment, their gums and jawbone are damaged and diseased enough that one or more teeth are destined to fall out, and will require tooth extraction and replacement.

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