If You’re Not Flossing Regularly, Your Gums Could Be Suffering: Part Two

Chances are, you may have already spent a great deal of time and money trying to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Cosmetic treatments like veneers and teeth whitening are popular throughout the country, because people understand the importance of an attractive smile. After all, it is often the first thing people notice about you. Sadly, even in their efforts to make their teeth pretty, many people overlook the importance of caring for their gums. While less visible than the teeth, your gums are just as necessary to enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile. So if you want to maintain a smile you feel proud of, it’s important to learn what steps are necessary to keeping your gums in good health.

Why Don’t More People Floss Daily?

Sadly, many people think that flossing is the causing of their gums to bleed, when bleeding gums are actually a symptom that gum disease is already present, and restorative treatment is needed to improve their condition. Preventive care, including daily flossing, is the best way to prevent inflamed gums that bleed easily.

Make Sure to Attend Regular Checkups and Cleanings

When your gums are already a cause of concern, periodontal therapy may be necessary. This is a treatment designed to help deep clean a patient’s mouth, by breaking up stubborn tartar, often through the use of an ultrasonic scaler. Though this treatment is considered more invasive than a traditional cleaning, it is often the best way to address gum disease and restore a patient’s overall oral health.

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