Dreaming of a Better Smile? Porcelain Veneers Could Be the Answer

Do you spend al lot of time trying to hide your smile, and even more energy feeling embarrassed because of imperfections in your teeth? Are trips to the movies filled with dreams that you had one of the star’s smiles? Was your last date ruined because you kept strategically trying to keep your teeth from showing? Your smile is one of the most important assets you possess, and you should feel pride when showing off your pearly whites. If you don’t yet, perhaps it is time to talk with a cosmetic dentist about how porcelain veneers could help.

What Is Causing Your Cosmetic Concerns?

The first question you will need to determine is just what is causing you insecurity. Is it the size or shape of your teeth? Are there visible stains or discoloration? Maybe there are small gaps between your teeth, or jagged edges? All these imperfections can actually be addressed through a single form of cosmetic treatment, porcelain veneers!

How Can Veneers Address Imperfections?

Veneers work by helping to create a more uniform smile. Through the use of carefully customized veneers, a cosmetic dentist can help correct many esthetic concerns, including issues related to the size, shape or even minor spacing issues of the teeth.

Veneers also offer a variety of benefits, even when compared to other forms of cosmetic dentistry. That is because veneers are made of durable dental porcelain, which happens to be naturally stain-resistant and strong. In fact, porcelain is very similar to natural tooth enamel, which allows veneers to be cared for the same way as your natural teeth.

They can also last more than ten years with proper preventive care, including regular dental checkups and cleanings!

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