Is Calcium Really Good For Your Teeth?

While many of us have forgotten the food pyramids that we were taught as youngsters, most of us still realize that certain nutrients and minerals are needed for our bodies to remain strong and healthy. If your doctor has ever ordered you to adhere to a strict diet for health reasons, then you may be more acquainted with the seriousness of the human body’s nutritional needs.

Different parts of your body have different nutritional needs to perform their jobs, and as a part of your body, your mouth is no exception. Specific minerals and nutrients, like calcium, are vital to the health of your teeth, gums, and oral structures, as well as the rest of your systemic health. 

Calcium for Your Jawbone

If asked why milk is good for you, many people would answer that the calcium in milk is good for your bones. In fact, bone health and strength are among the most commonly-known benefits of calcium. In the terms of oral health, this means that calcium helps you retain your teeth by maintaining the strength of your jawbone, where the roots of your teeth are embedded.

Oral health issues like gum disease and tooth loss can have a devastating effect on your jawbone’s integrity, so maintaining its strength and keeping it healthy is vital to the state of your entire mouth.

Calcium for Your Teeth

A lesser known, but equally important, benefit that calcium offers your oral health involves your tooth enamel – the strong protective layer that coats the exposed parts of your teeth. This substance is the strongest thing your body produces, but is also highly mineralized, and calcium is among the chief minerals that comprise its makeup (along with phosphate).

Though strong, enamel is subject to erosion, which occurs when oral bacteria convert the sugars and carbs from your diet into damaging acid. The acid weakens your enamel and saps minerals from your teeth, intent on lowering your teeth’s defenses to allow bacteria to infect the inner tooth structure. As a building block of tooth enamel, calcium can help enamel fortify itself against these attacks and reduce your risks of tooth decay.

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