How Much Do You Know About Preventive Dental Care?

Do you want to spend this year enjoying a healthy smile? If so, you probably already know that regular dental hygiene, like brushing your teeth, is key. You also probably know that you should be scheduling regular dental cleanings. But what else do you know about what it truly takes to keep both your teeth and gums healthy? Do you sometimes feel like dental care is still a mystery? If so, now is a great time to find out what more you could be doing to keep your smile healthy between dental visits.

Is Brushing Enough?

Most adults realize they should be brushing their teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. But many people don’t realize that tooth brushing is only one part of an effective dental hygiene routine.

Flossing is just as essential a step in an oral care routine. Yet many people fail to floss daily, or even at all, between dental visits. When you choose not to floss, you allow food particles and bacteria to remain trapped between the teeth. Over time, this can lead to visible plaque buildup, which calcifies into tartar.

Tartar can only be removed through a professional cleaning, without which cavities are likely to develop. But tartar can also lead to gum disease, a dangerous condition that is responsible for most of the cases of adult tooth loss in America.

While plaque-fighting mouthwashes can also be beneficial for some people, they are no substitute for either brushing or flossing. So make sure you brush at least twice a day and floss at least once. Your smile will definitely thank you, and your general dentist will be very proud at your next checkup and cleaning!

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