Do You Need Restorative Dental Work? Part One

Do You Need Restorative Dental Work-Part OneHave you been experiencing discomfort lately, while trying to enjoy your favorite meal, drink, or dessert? Does it hurt to brush your teeth or floss?  Have you noticed changes in your smile’s appearance, such as grey or black lines or patches, or overly white areas on some of your teeth? If so, these could all be signs that you are in need of restorative dentistry. A dentist can help diagnose what is causing you discomfort or drastic changes in your smile’s appearance, and then help restore your oral health. So don’t delay a dental visit, which could help have you smiling comfortably and confidently again!

When Is a Simple Dental Filling the Answer?

One of the most common forms of restorative dentistry is dental fillings. That is because these are often the recommended form of treatment for a cavity, which is by far the most common dental problem across the world, for both kids and adults, alike.

In fact, cavities affect almost 90 percent of the world’s population. A dental filling works to address the kind of dental decay that causes a cavity, by providing a protective barrier against further acidic erosion. It can also prevent infection, by keeping food particles and bacteria from entering into a damaged tooth.

A dental filling can also make chewing far more comfortable, since it will tightly seal off the sensitive layer of tooth that becomes exposed during a cavity. This prevents foods and beverages from coming into contact with this sensitive part of your tooth, allowing you to enjoy meals without the pesky discomfort or downright pain that often comes along with a cavity.

To diagnose a cavity, the dentist will likely use an x-ray to assess the extent of the damage. He or she can then plan a filling, accordingly. In most cases, dentists now recommend composite resin fillings that bond well with teeth and are far less noticeable than metal fillings.

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