Sugar-Free Gum As Preventive Dental Care?

Looking for a fun, fast way to better care for your smile? Grab a pack of sugar-free gum! Research indicates that chewing a piece of sugar-free gum after eating can help reduce a person’s likelihood of developing cavities and other dental problems requiring restorative dental treatment, not to mention freshen breath during those long stretches of day between morning and nightly tooth brushing. So if oral care is a priority to you, take a cue from the scientists, and chew on sugar-free gum. Your smile, and breath, will thank you!

Reasons to Consider Chewing Gum

Dentists have actually been recommending chewing sugar-free gum for years, as a way of helping to prevent dental problems. But why? How does chewing gum contribute to oral care?

Well, chewing gum helps to produce saliva, and saliva is one of the body’s natural defenses against cavities and other dental decay. That’s because saliva can help limit plaque bacteria’s ability to solidify on the teeth. It can also help to neutralize the bacteria’s natural acidity. Saliva also helps remove both bacteria and food particles from the teeth’s surface and the tongue, between brushings, which is part of why chewing gum can help effectively freshen breath.

In fact, according to a recent study published in the British Dental Journal, which was conducted by Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, regularly chewing gum could help drastically reduce the cost of dental care.  By asking 12-year-olds to chew gum after each meal and snack, the researchers estimated the National Health Service of the United Kingdom could save over 8 million Euros a year, in dental care alone. That’s because the chewing gum could help reduce the likelihood of developing cavities and subsequent issues, like infections and even gum disease or tooth loss.

So if you want to keep your smile healthy, and keep your personal dental care costs down, consider adding chewing gum to your regular routine. While it’s no substitution for brushing, flossing and regular checkups, it could help prevent the need for restorative dental treatment, and who doesn’t want that?

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