Could Reducing Sugar Help Protect Your Smile?

If you would like to enjoy better oral health this year, one of the most effective things you can do is limit your sugar intake. Dental hygiene and regular checkups are important, but without a healthy diet you may still face dental problems and overall health issues. So while many healthy foods have naturally-occurring sugars in them, such as fruit and milk, choosing foods with little or no added sugar can be incredibly helpful for protecting your smiles. So before you make your next trip to the grocery store, it can be helpful to know what to watch for, when shopping for smile-healthy items!

Ways to Limit Your Sugar Intake

  • When buying packaged foods, always read the label. Looking at the sugar content can be helpful, but keep in mind this number can reflect natural-occurring sugars (like those found in dairy products, fruits and many vegetables) as well as added sugars.
  • That is why it is also important to check the ingredient list, watching carefully for ingredients like cane sugar, corn syrup, and a general listing of dextrose.
  • Many foods you don’t think of as sweet can still be high in sugar, so don’t take for granted that an item isn’t high in sugar just because it’s not overtly sweet. Canned pasta sauces, many crackers, and even meat products may have added sugar.
  • Instead of relying heavily on pre-packaged foods, it’s often healthier to make things from scratch. This is also a great way to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables. Cooking together as a couple or family can also make for great quality time, while enforcing healthy habits!
  • Remember, too, that many products advertised as healthy could be hiding loads of sugar. Many fruit juices, smoothies, and sports drinks are incredibly high in sugar. So try to opt for drinking more water, instead of relying on drinks like these.

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