Cavity Got You Down? A Dental Filling Can Help

Cavities can be more than annoying. They can become downright painful, and the longer you delay restorative treatment the more uncomfortable the cavity is likely to become. Eventually, what began as a relatively simple and common dental issue, can require extensive treatment like a root canal, or worse, an extraction. Fortunately, if you seek restorative treatment quickly, in most cases a simple dental filling is all that is needed to cope with a cavity, meaning you could be back on your merry way – and smiling happily – soon. You just need to seek out restorative treatment, like a filling!

When Does a Cavity Occur?

Cavities occur when dental decay causes erosion of the tooth’s enamel, to the point that the layer beneath the enamel becomes exposed. This layer, the dentin, is far more sensitive, which is why many people begin to experience discomfort as a cavity develops. Over time, without restorative treatment, this discomfort can progress to full-blown pain, particularly if this erosion leads to an infection, or an abscessed tooth.

How Does Treatment Work?

To stop the decay, and protect the tooth from further erosion or infection, most dentists recommend cleaning and sanitizing the area, then applying a dental filling. While these were once predominantly made of metal, now there is a more seamless option, called composite resin, or tooth-colored fillings. These fillings bond well with teeth, and blend well with them also, helping to create a natural-looking, yet durable restoration.

So, if you have delayed treatment in the past, for fear it will ruin the beauty of your smile, talk to your dentist about the benefits of composite resin fillings.

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