Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Year? Part Two

Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful is surely a worthwhile endeavor. Fortunately, it also becomes much simpler when you know what your smile really needs in order to function and look its best. Preventive care involves regular hygiene, sure. But it also means scheduling regular dental checkups and making smart choices about what you eat and drink, too. Your general dentist can help by providing both advice and dental cleanings, which are essential for keeping your teeth and gums in great shape as you age!

Can You Skip Dental Checkups When Your Smile Is Healthy?

It’s a common misconception that dental checkups are only necessary when experiencing dental problems. But preventive appointments, like checkups and dental or periodontal cleanings, are actually an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile. They can also be the best way to catch undiagnosed dental issues.

Many patients actually suffer from gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, without knowing it. Cavities are also incredibly common, and not always easy to detect. So maintaining bi-annual checkups (every six months) is a great way to catch issues early on, when restorative treatment will be minimally invasive.

Checkups are also a great opportunity to remove plaque buildup, which can cause yellowing of your smile, and lead to worse dental conditions.

If you struggle with dental anxiety, talk to your general dentist about the possibility of sedatives which can help keep you calm and comfortable before and during an appointment. There’s no need to delay smile-saving treatment due to fear.

Does Diet Matter Too?

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drinking water can help more than just your body. These habits can also keep your smile healthy! So fill your plate with nutrient-rich foods as often as possible, and avoid eating or drinking too much sugar, which is especially problematic for teeth.

Drinking water throughout the day, not just once or twice, is as important as drinking enough water. This is because it helps keep your mouth hydrated, which can help you naturally fight plaque buildup.

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