How to Cope with That Canker Sore

Was last Friday’s traditional pizza dinner interrupted by pain? If so, do you have a canker sore that is impairing your ability to enjoy even your favorite foods? Canker sores are unfortunately very common, in both adults and children as young as two. The good news, though, is that they can generally be easily addressed, often without the need for a visit to your general dentist. There are actually several over-the-counter treatments and home remedies for treating canker sores, which can help relieve your pain quickly and help the sore to heal faster. So take a moment to learn about how to cope with that pesky canker sore.

Possible Causes for Canker Sores

Unfortunately, doctors have not yet identified a clear cause of canker sores. They have, however, determined several factors that can contribute to a person’s likeliness to develop one.

Stress, hormonal changes, food sensitivities and viral infections are all potential causes of canker sores. Some other medical conditions may also increase a person’s likelihood of developing canker sores.

How to Heal

Fortunately, most of the time a canker sore will heal on its own, without requiring treatment by a restorative dentist or a general practitioner. (You should see a dentist or doctor if you’re experiencing extreme pain, frequent bouts or multiple canker sores at one time.)

There are also ways many people can hasten the healing. For instance:

  • Using a homemade mouth rinse can help. Just mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, then rinse. Following this up with a dab of milk of magnesia, directly on the canker sore, to also help speed the healing process.
  • Taking Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Lysine might also be able to improve your body’s healing ability. Echinacea, Sage and Chamomile can also be helpful for many people.
  • Some patients even found eating carrot, celery or cantaloupes helpful.

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