How Can a Prosthetic Dentist Complete Your Smile?

Whether you have a tooth extraction scheduled, or recently lost a tooth due to trauma or decay, you may already be wondering how you can best cope with the tooth loss. Many patients become nervous about the idea of having an incomplete smile. Others find it uncomfortable trying to chew, or embarrassing trying to smile with noticeably missing teeth. Fortunately modern prosthetic dentistry offers a number of replacement teeth, from dentures to dental implants. There is a solution for nearly every budget and every smile!

Which Prosthetic Is Right for You?

  1. Dentures are one of the oldest and yet remain one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, because they are affordable, easy to obtain, and they can replace a few to an entire arch of missing teeth. Full dentures, either a top or bottom arc, do not even require adhesive, while partial dentures usually require an adhesive to help keep them in place.
  2. Of course, dentures can be used in conjunction with other forms of prosthetics, such as a dental bridge. A dental bridge is comprised of dental crowns affixed to teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. The crowns help to anchor the replacement, providing more stability than most dentures alone.

  3. Dental implants are considered the most permanent and stable form of smile completion. That’s because they involve surgically inserting a post, as a base for a replacement tooth. The soft tissue then grows around the post, creating a permanent replacement for the missing tooth root. Implants take the longest to complete, and the most expensive of the options, but many patients find them the most comfortable and confidence-boosting. They are also an excellent long-term solution for coping with tooth loss, whereas some other prosthetics may require more frequent replacing.

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