Do I Need Restorative Dental Treatment? Part One

Many people suffer with dental pain because they’re worried about what restorative dentistry will entail. Others had one bad experience at a dentist’s office, and have since shied away from even regular preventive care. Still others may think that getting restorative work completed will ruin the cosmetics of their smile, leading them to delay what could actually be smile-saving procedures. But restorative dentistry has come a long way in recent years, giving patients more options than ever for dealing with common dental issues like cavities, chips or cracks and even infections. So stop suffering in silence with dental pain, or even outdated dental work, and find out how a restorative dentist could help improve both the look and function of your smile, so you can do more important things than worry about whether or not you need to see the dentist.

What Does Dental Pain Mean?

While there are a number of potential causes for heightened sensitivity, if it is extreme, sudden or especially if you’re experiencing dental pain, chances are you have developed a dental problem.

In many cases, these are indicators of a cavity. Cavities are so common, in fact, that approximately 90 percent of the world’s population will experience at least one. Fortunately, modern dental fillings offer a more esthetically-pleasing alternative to the metal amalgam fillings that were once commonly used.

Modern tooth-colored fillings are generally made from a composite resin, which bonds well with teeth and can be made to closely match a person’s natural teeth, so that the resulting restoration is nearly seamless, as well as extremely protective.

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