SIRONA 3D Cone Beam is Here!

What I love our practice is that Dr. Stephens and
Dr. Gatewood are always seeking the latest and greatest technology to benefit our patients. We are one of two offices that provides this amazing technology in the Houston Northwest area!

The SIRONA 3Dproduces a high resolution, 3D X-Ray image of one's head, face, neck, sinus' and teeth.
(The image is similar to that of a  medical CAT Scan.) 

It is the BESTimage quality combined with the lowestpossible exposure to date.

It painless, very comfortable and so easy.

We are now better able to diagnose tooth fractures and cracks, find hidden cysts and tumors in addition to assisting in the diagnosis of sleep apnea. We are also able to place dental implants with higher accuracy and predictability. Lastly, we are to evaluate supporting bone structures like never before.

The high definition, high contrast and high edge sharpness with SIRONA 3D enables us to continue to provide the BESTquality image for our patient's dental needs.

Come experience Dentistry with a Difference!