Is the Grass Always Greener?

Recently, I interviewed many candidates to complete our hygiene team. 
When I interview an applicant it is important for me to inquire why are they leaving their current dental practice.
The hygienists are very candid and their answers were astounding!

Collectively, these were their responses: 
*Limited Time Restraints – All have just 30 occasionally the rare 40 minutes to spend with an adult patient.
*Quality of Care – All were unhappy because they are not able to provide the quality service that they trained for with such limited time restraints.
*Education – All are dissatisfied because they are not able to educate their patients! 
*Lack of Technology – All but one office did not have any updated technology such as: Cerec (Same day crowns), Lasers, Intra-Oral Camera, etc.
*Poor Patient Care – All shared that their dentist(s) provided poor quality dentistry.
*Uncaring Employer – All expressed that their dentist(s) were unpleasant to work for. 
*Working Environment – All articulated that their overall work environment was poor.

WOW! This was an eye opener for me!

I have always known that I work in the very best dental practice EVER!
I can confirm with 100% assurance that the office of Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry still remains unsurpassed! We live in this little bubble at Stephens and Gatewood and we are unaware of what occurs at other dental practices. We work extremely hard and take tremendous pride in our first-class level of care and service that we provide our patients. Customer service is paramount to us! Our hygiene team is allowed as much time as it takes to provide a high level of treatment including patient education. We possess the up-to-date technology dentistry has made available for our patients! Our team of dentists are continually updating their education and provide top-notch dentistry! Our dentists and their wives are in a word, AMAZING! They shower us with appreciation like no one else I have ever worked for! In addition to the aforementioned our office is simply stunning! It reflects a style that is welcoming and comforting. Most importantly, I have the privilege of working side-by-side with the most outstanding, dedicated, brilliant not to mention dazzling team in dentistry. It is a true pleasure to work in practice such as ours and to be given the freedom to take care of people in such a elevated style.

If you have never experienced this level of care please come to our home and experience “Dentistry with a Difference“.

Smiles to all!