Welcome to my Blog! – WTF?! What the Floss?!..


This is my very first time to blog so I suppose this makes me a “blog newbie”! LOL! I have never read nor have I ever participated in a blog. When Dr. Stephens and Gatewood appointed me to create this for their office I had to scratch my head and ponder why on earth would they choose the least computer saavy person in our office!
What qualifies me to be a dental blog writer? Well, I have had the unique privilege of taking care of my family and friends dental hygiene needs with Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry for almost 25 years. Additionally, I have been told that I possess a talent to compose words in an imaginative and creative style.
This undertaking, with the help of our webmaster, took me approximately 6 weeks to accomplish! My biggest obstacle was the title of this blog. Based on my research the title needs to grab the attention of my readers. It needs to deliver an expectation, a promise that's fulfilled in the body content. The genesis of our blog title came to fruition when one of my hygiene team members, Michelle, (who has a delicious sense of humor) instantly conceived of: WTF?! What the Floss?!
In our blog I will focus on everything that relates to today's dentistry! This will be written with a unique perspective from a dental hygienist's point of view. I can't wait to share with you dental tips, behind-the-scenes activities of our practice, educate on dental topics important to you, chatter about my fellow team members and everything dental related. I hope you will join me in this curious journey into the unknown world of dentistry!

Smiles to all!