Ready to Restore Your Smile with a Seamless Solution?

Ready to Restore Your Smile with a Seamless Solution?Are you suffering from sensitivity when you try to enjoy meals? Has this made it difficult to go out with friends, or even to sit down for dinner with the family? Sensitivity and discomfort are common warning signs of dental decay or other tooth-related problems, such as cracks. Fortunately, modern dental restorations make it possible to address most issues with natural-looking and comfortable results. That means you can get back to enjoying your favorite meals, and the people you share them with, soon. (more…)

Ready to Enjoy Meals Again? Try a Dental Implant

Ready to Enjoy Meals Again? Try a Dental ImplantWhen was the last time you actually sat down to eat without dreading the discomfort or embarrassment you were likely to experience? After losing a tooth many things can become difficult, including chewing and even smiling with confidence. The great news is that modern dental prostheses are designed to provide comfort while chewing, and renewed confidence, as well. This means you no longer have to settle for an incomplete or uncomfortable smile because of adult tooth loss. Instead, you could find out how a dental implant could help restore your smile with natural-looking and comfortable results! (more…)

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Help You Love Your Smile More?

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Help You Love Your Smile More?Want to love the smile you see when you check your reflection, or when you hop on social media, where friends are constantly posting pictures from your nights out on the town? If so, have you talked to your dentist about how cosmetic dentistry could help? Many patients are pleasantly surprised when they learn just how much cosmetic treatment could do to improve their smiles! Why not find out if you could love your smile more, through cosmetic treatment? (more…)

Could a Dental Crown Help Put a Smile on Your Face?

Could a Dental Crown Help Put a Smile on Your Face?When was the last time you were able to sit down to a meal with your family, without suffering from discomfort caused by a dental problem, like a cavity or even a deep chip or crack? If it feels like ages, you are likely long overdue for a dental appointment. Many people don’t realize that while the tooth’s enamel is incredibly strong, it is not able to restore itself the way so many other parts of the body can. This means that over time, dental problems are only likely to worsen, potentially to the point of causing a great deal of dental pain and even infection. Fortunately, restorative treatment like dental crowns can often help patients save badly damaged teeth. So if you do suspect you have a problem, why not talk to your dentist about whether a crown could be a great solution? (more…)

How Often Should I See the Dentist?

How Often Should I See the Dentist?Ever wondered if you really need to see the dentist, when your smile already seems clean? Have you tried to justify postponing preventive dental visits, because you really don’t see any issues that need to be addressed? Are you currently avoiding a restorative appointment, because you don’t want to know if you have a cavity? The truth is that every person needs to see the dentist regularly for professional cleanings. That is because calcified tartar buildup can only be removed through a professional dental cleaning. The sooner you have your teeth cleaned, the less likely you are to struggle with discomfort caused by dental problems like cavities and even gum disease. In the case of damaged teeth, professional dental visits are also essential, though, since the teeth lack the ability to heal themselves. (more…)

Do I need to Address a Chipped Tooth?

Do I need to Address a Chipped Tooth?Ouch! Did you recently chip a tooth while eating, or chewing on ice or a pencil? What about during a sporting event, or simply a fluke accident? Many people find themselves struggling with chipped teeth, wondering if treatment is really necessary and if so what can be done to help improve the comfort and appearance of the smile. The good news is that modern restorations make it possible to help teeth that have been damaged by chips and other problems, and often quickly and with beautiful results. So, if you are struggling with a damaged tooth, why not find out how a restorative dentist can help? (more…)

Are You Giving Your Smile the Nutrients It Needs?

Are You Giving Your Smile the Nutrients It Needs?In honor of National Nutrition Month, dieticians and dentists alike are hoping people will spend a bit more time thinking about how healthy nutrition can benefit their whole bodies, including their smiles. Proper nutrition, specifically including a limited amount of sugar, can help to protect the teeth and gums from common problems including cavities, gum disease and other issues. Combined with great hygiene and regular dental cleanings, a healthy diet is a great way to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. So, if you are serious about your smile’s care, the question becomes are the choices you’re making about what to eat and drink benefiting or damaging your dental health? (more…)

Are Porcelain Veneers What Your Smile Needs?

Are Porcelain Veneers What Your Smile Needs?Do you hate to see your own smile, either in photographs or in the mirror each morning? Is it because of noticeable imperfections, like inconsistencies in the size or shape of your teeth, deep discoloration, or even minor gaps between some of the teeth? You might think that several extensive treatments are the only ways to address these complex concerns. Fortunately, the good news is that there is a single treatment that could likely help leave you with a brighter and more beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers are a great way to hide a number of imperfections, and to enhance a smile’s natural beauty! (more…)

Is It Time You Sought Restorative Dentistry?

Is It Time You Sought Restorative Dentistry?When was the last time you enjoyed a meal without discomfort or tooth pain getting in the way? Has it been months, yet it feels like ages? Even heightened sensitivity can make it difficult to enjoy one’s meals, along with snacks and even beverages. Fortunately, in many cases, dental problems can be addressed quickly and comfortably through modern restorations. So if you are ready to stop struggling with dental pain, and to get back to enjoying your smile, talk to your restorative dentist about how modern treatment could help!


Could Invisalign Correct Your Smile?

Could Invisalign Correct Your Smile?Are you tired of wishing you could hide your smile, because of noticeable misalignment of your teeth? Are you getting sick of actively avoiding photo opportunities, from selfies out with friends to formal photos at your cousin’s wedding, all because of the visible problems with your teeth? Worse yet, are you avoiding certain foods because of discomfort caused by misalignment of your teeth? Even headaches and jaw pain can be caused by poorly aligned smiles. Fortuantely, ClearCorrect treatment offers a more discreet alternative to traditional braces, so if you are ready to stop wishing your smile looked different, and to do something about it, why not ask your dentist about how cosmetic braces could help you? (more…)